Ibom National Stadium
Akwa Ibom Uyo Town
  • Our Vision

The purpose of the Akwa Ibom Social Development Association (AKISDA) is to encourage the development of a diverse economy and rural business development strategy in Akwa Ibom State while recognising the need to maintain a ballance between attracting new investment, supporting existing businesses, provide civic behaviour and business education… More

  • Our Mission

1. To stimulate a vibrant local economy and produce a cooperative effort to enhance the overall quality of life in Akwa Ibom to its highest potential.

2. To be a leader and catalyst for plans, strategies, programs, and services that promote a favourable business climate, improve the quality of life, and support orderly growth and development of our land of promise. More

  • Our Objective

To establish an Organization that will represent the people of Akwa Ibom State in collective economic development with respect to creating a process of strategic planning through partnership between government and the business community and socio cultural groups.


The Land of Promise

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