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Unlimited Client/ Partner Accounts (Free!)

FileCloud offers free ‘limited accounts’ (aka client / partner accounts) for clients, external vendors and partners. Limited accounts are superior to password protected shares offered by our competitors.

Limited user accounts can view/upload/download content shared with them and are limited to access via a web browser.

Avoid multiple passwords

Generally, when users share multiple files with a same partner then the partner ends with many ‘link + password’ combinations. On the other hand, when users use FileCloud’s limited accounts, partners can access all shared files by logging into their limited account, which groups all the permitted shares under one interface.

Better audit

Limited accounts provide complete audit trail that shows when, who accessed what. You can track if a document has been viewed by a partner or a client.


Limited user accounts are free and do not count towards your user license limit.Offers significant cost savings for you.


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