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FileCloud Release Notes

FileCloud Version: 21.3 – Feb 22, 2022
Upgrade Notes Read Detailed Release notes and Upgrade Notes from Previous FileCloud versions
Drive Patch Release: Connection issues occurring in Drive have been fixed.
Drive Patch Release: dwl and dwl2 files are no longer uploaded to the server by Drive.
DrivePatch Release: The FCFS scheduling algorithm has been updated to Version 4.2.4.
Drive Patch Release: After rename and upload, some files were not automatically unlocked. This has been fixed.
Drive Patch Release: Some files were not automatically unlocked when they were closed in MacDrive. This has been fixed.
Drive Patch Release: The number of informational log entries has been reduced.
Drive Patch Release: When Drive Version 21.3 was uninstalled, “run at startup” was disabled for all apps that had it enabled. Now it is only disabled for Drive. – Feb 18, 2022
ServerSync and Sync Patch Release: When a folder was renamed, Sync performed a direct rename operation instead of deleting the folder and uploading a new one. This has been disabled so that a rename occurs as a delete and upload again.
Sync Patch Release: When Sync was installed on a fresh Windows VM, the Sync icon did not appear in file explorer. This has been fixed.
Sync Patch Release: Sync Version 21.2 and 21.3 installers were not installing DLL files correctly. This has been fixed.
Sync Patch Release: When Sync Version 21.3 was uninstalled, “run at startup” was disabled for all apps that had it enabled. Now it is only disabled for Sync.
Sync Patch Release: When users updated Sync from the 32-bit version to the 64-bit version, the Sync icon was not appearing in file explorer. This has been fixed.
Sync Patch Release: On Windows, the Sync user interface appeared as a blank screen. This has been fixed. – Feb 2, 2022
Rename Patch Release: When a folder was renamed, Sync performed a direct rename operation instead of deleting the folder and creating a new one. This has been fixed.
Reupload Patch Release: A problem causing Sync to fail when when reuploading selective Sync files has been fixed.
Update Patch Release: The update prompt appeared as a toast on the Sync interface instead of in a separate dialog box. This has been fixed. – Jan 13, 2022
Server Patch Release: A problem causing the user portal login page to omit the login options when the global default policy was deleted has been fixed. – Jan 06, 2022
Major Management for HIPAA compliance and GDPR compliance has been added to the Compliance Center.
Major Users can now edit FileCloud documents in Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides.
Major The Admin dashboard has been updated. Now Admins and Admin users are able to rearrange widgets on the dashboard as well as perform quick actions.
Major The Admin portal login screen has a new design.
Major FileCloud Online has been updated to include a Get Started tour that walks new users through initial actions such as creating a folder and setting a background theme. FileCloud Online now also includes a mini Admin portal that Admin users can open from the user portal to perform Admin actions without switching screens.
Enhancements: Server
AD It is now possible to import an AD Group from the Manage Groups screen in the Admin portal.
Apache Apache has been upgraded to version 2.4.52.
Apache Log4j Apache Log4j has been updated to version 2.17.1.
Apache Solr Apache Solr has been updated to version 8.11.1.
Automated workflow In automated workflows, there is now a variable for the To field of the Send Email step. This enables sending the email to the file owner or the workflow creator.
AD A setting is now available for configuring the system to import the “other mobile” AD field instead of the “mobile” AD field as the 2FA phone number.
Admin roles The user interface for adding Admin roles has been improved for clarification.
Apache The Apache SSL configuration has been updated in accordance with security recommendations.
Automated workflow An option to move a folder and its entire sub-folder structure as well as its file contents has been added.
Backup server Admins can now sort and search for users in the backup server restore section.
Backup server Email notifications are now sent from the backup server when a job fails.
DLP A “Path starts with” rule has been added to smart DLP.
DLP A new DLP rule, _request.isAdminLogin, allows users to block admin users from logging into the Admin portal.
DLP A new DLP rule, _metadata.existAll, allows sharing of a folder only if all of its files include certain metadata.
Email Checkboxes have been added to Email settings that enable Admins to specify if override From and Reply To addresses should be used for emails sent from FileCloud.
Email A new ^EXPIRY_DATE^ variable can be now used in the Share Email Template.
Export files User and group export files now include the effective policy number. In addition, a list of users in a policy can now be exported.
ICAP A group information ICAP header has been added so that users’ group permissions can be applied.
Language Options for setting the default languages in the Admin portal and user portal to traditional Chinese have been added. In addition, an option for changing the user portal language to traditional Chinese has been added on log in.
LibreOffice LibreOffice has been updated from version 6.0.21 to version 6.3.
Logos Admins can now enter logos larger than 200 x 50 px, and they can be resized to support better resolution.
Metadata Metadata values are now associated with file versions.
Metadata Metadata can now be applied to multiple files simultaneously.
Phone number Now a setting in the Admin portal enables limited users to change their phone numbers.
Rename When a user renames a file/folder that is shared, a notification warns the user that a share exists and gives the user the option of changing the share name to reflect the new file/folder name.
Reports A new report, “Get all exported secure docs report” has been added.
Reports A new report, “Get storage usage by file type” has been added.
Reports The file share report now includes the password for password-enbaled shares.
Shares List of share recipients can now be exported from and imported into shares.
Shares Manage permission on shares no longer requires Sync permission to be given first.
Upload Changes to the user portal for file/folder uploads include an upload folder option and clearer wording in the upload file and folder drop-down list and more accurate icons for stopping and pausing uploads in progress in the file operations window.
User interface The html for the Admin portal and user portal home pages now include placeholders for adding custom header and footer content.
User menu The user menu in the user portal has been given a more streamlined design.
TOS FileCloud now requires Admin users to accept terms of service (TOS) when they log in to the Admin portal according to the Privacy settings for TOS.
Workflow The “then” action “Delete the file(s)” now includes an option to include a list of email addresses to send notifications to listing the files deleted.
Workflow The “then” action “Delete the file(s)” now includes an option to notify the file owner.
Workflow The “If a file was not modified for # days” workflow includes a new parameter, an exclude_recyclebin flag, which enables the workflow to delete files from the recycle bin.
Enhancements: Drive
Cancel download Pending and in process downloads can now be cancelled in the Drive dashboard.
Installation Drive now installs in the Program Files instead of Program Files(x86) folder.
Lock The Setting “Lock Office files automatically on edit” has been changed to “Lock files automatically on edit” and enables users to lock many other types of files.
Network If Drive loses its network connection, it now warns the user, reconnects when and if possible, and removes the warning once reconnected.
Notifications The Settings option to “Mute all notifications” has been changed to enable users to choose to allow all notifications, mute all notifications, mute only floating notifications, or mute only system notifications.
Status The Drive icon in the taskbar now shows red and orange dots for errors and warnings.
Status notification The Drive dashboard now indicates how many operations are pending as well as how many are in progress.
Timeout If Drive stops working due to session timeout, the mini-dashboard now displays the message “The current session is timed out by the server.”
Enhancements: MacDrive
Notifications File notifications now include file lock information.
Preview Thumbnail preview is now configurable in MacDrive. By default, it is turned off.
Enhancements: Drive & Sync
Notifications A pop-up notification now appears to tell users they must change their password to log in to the client.
Enhancements: Sync
Disabled Sync If Sync is disabled for a user, the main Sync dashboard now shows Sync as disabled and includes a tooltip noting that Sync has been disabled by the Admin.
lnk files A configuration has been added to prevent lnk files in network folders from being deleted locally after they are synced.
Installation Sync is now a 64-bit application and installs in the Program Files instead of Program Files(x86) folder.
Messages Error messages for failed downloads in the mini dashboard now show the reason why a download was prevented.
Messages When users hover over a failed message in the mini dashboard, the hint now displays the path of the failed file.
Status Sync now displays no overlay on the desktop tray icon when sync is successful instead of a green dot.
Timeout If an upload failed due to a connection failure with the server, some users experienced significant delays because Sync stopped. Now, Sync continues to attempt to upload the rest of the files. During this time, if the connection is restored, these uploads are successful, and Sync uploads the files that failed previously in the next sync cycle.
Bug Fixes: Server
2FA A problem causing 2FA login to fail has been fixed.
2FA A problem preventing an AD user logging in with email for 2FA has been fixed.
AD An issue causing all FileCloud users to be removed when they are synced with a non-existing AD group has been fixed.
AD A problem preventing AD sync from saving settings has been fixed.
AD A problem preventing scrolling up in the AD group sync list has been fixed.
AD The drop-down list of AD groups now includes pagination and displays 10 groups per page.
AD Users from different LDAP paths than the service account were unable to log in; this has been fixed.
AD A problem preventing import of two AD users with the same username although the e-mail ID is different has been fixed.
AD password reset When an AD user chooses to reset a forgotten password, the message returned has been corrected to “If your account allows password reset, you will get an email with a password reset instructions.”
Audit The audit log was not recording skipped downloads of files that exceeded the max zip file download size. This has been fixed.
Audit, MongoDB An auto-compact error that occurred in HA environments has been fixed.
Automated workflow A problem preventing the dialog box for selecting a workflow trigger from appearing has been fixed.
Automated workflow An issue preventing execution of workflows triggered “Automatically on file activity” that occur in Azure or S3 folders has been fixed.
Automated workflow An issue causing an error when share approval workflow is required in a user’s policy and a user attempts to create a share has been fixed.
Azure An issue causing a timeout when a user previews or edits a text file in Azure network storage has been fixed.
Cookies A problem in which cookies were not deleted after logout and could be used half an hour after the session was terminated has been fixed.
Customization When the Web browser Title wass customized, “FileCloud” continued to appear in the Admin portal’s browser tab. This has been fixed.
Customization The Product Help URL can now be customized in the Customization section of the Admin portal.
Deleted files When My Files was disabled, users were able to restore deleted files. Now users cannot restore deleted files if My Files is disabled.
Desktop edit Desktop edit now provides option to lock/unlock from its dashboard, and auto-unlock is not supported.
Desktop edit Desktop edit was disabled for files without default options. Now it is enabled for all files.
Desktop edit Since desktop edit is unable to detect if txt files are locked, users must unlock them manually.
DLP An Admin login issue with the _user.isEmailInDomain DLP rule has been fixed.
DRM Export Secure Doc and Manage Secure Doc options were shown when DRM was not available. This has been fixed.
Email An error with causing the ^URL^ variable to render incorrectly has been fixed.
Email address When an account was automatically created for an AD user with a mixed-case email address, case was not automatically converted to lower case as required. This has been fixed.
Encryption Online users with S3 encryption were receiving messages that storage was not fully encrypted. This has been fixed.
Exportfs A problem causing empty folders to be created in the export directory after running the exportfs script has been fixed.
Favorites An error causing all files in the Recent list to appear as starred has been fixed.
Folder A problem causing folders with a + in the folder name to appear empty has been fixed.
Folder index Create CSV Folder Index was failing when there were a large number of files or folders; this has been fixed.
FTDC SE Linux was blocking FTDC, so download of its zip file failed. Now the FTDC feature is disabled and will only be enabled when needed.
Installation Installation of FileCloud on RHEL 8 with the DISA STIG security profile enabled was failing. This has been fixed.
Locks An error causing files edited in client applications to become unlocked even if the lock was explicitly placed in the user portal has been fixed.
Locks An error causing the message “invalid mongo regex” in the Server log has been fixed.
Metadata A problem causing metadata search results to incorrectly appear empty in the user portal has been fixed.
Metadata Icons for color tags were not displayed in Recent and Starred file listings; this has been fixed.
Multi-tenant, MQ In a multi-tenant environment, operations were occurring at the wrong sites. This has been fixed.
Network folders A problem when accessing Network folders when running on Linux has been fixed.
Network folders Network folder names with spaces in them Task list were encrypted. This has been fixed.
Network folders Now, when a user tries to access a Network share that has been renamed or removed, instead of a generic error message, a message indicating that the path is invalid appears and a log message is recorded.
Network folders, NTFS Uploading an NTFS Network folder in Linux resulted in errors. This has been fixed.
Network folders, NTFS An issue preventing users from enabling user-level notifications in NTFS Network folders has been fixed.
Network folders, NTFS A problem accessing NTFS Network folders on Linux has been fixed.
Network folders, Recycle bin An issue preventing access to the recycle bin from network folders has been fixed.
Notifications When users previewed files, email notifications were sent indicating that the files were downloaded. This has been fixed.
Notifications When all notifications were disabled in a policy, the user still appeared to have the option of disabling individual notifications in the user portal. This has been fixed.
NTFS A problem preventing setting of custom notifications for NTFS network shares has been fixed.
Preview AI file preview was not working correctly; this has been fixed.
RBAC A problem causing users assigned to RBAC roles to maintain Admin status when removed from the roles has been fixed. In addition, when Full users with roles are changed to Limited users, their roles and Admin status are now removed.
Reports The Users report exported from the Users page in the Admin portal now includes the mobile phone number.
Reports An error causing the File Query report to return empty results has been fixed. In addition, year has been changed from 2-digit to 4-digit format in moddate and createdate.
Reports “Get client apps grouped by TYPE” report was showing mobile apps’ type as “other.” This has been fixed.
Reset password An incorrect message was sent to existing users when password reset failed. The message has been changed to: Unable to Reset Password. Please contact your cloud administrator.
Retention An issue causing the File List reports for retention policies to display all expiry dates as indefinite and all policies as ineffective has been fixed.
RuleSetTool An error when running the RuleSetTool in Linux has been fixed.
S3 An error occurred when FileCloud tried to list an S3 network folder. This has been fixed.
Search When search results were too numerous, search was returning no results. This has been fixed.
Search An error preventing searching by filename has been fixed.
Search The Advanced search was returning to the root path when a user began modifying the path. It now keeps the current path and enables users to modify that path.
Security An error enabling a limited user to be promoted as an Admin user has been fixed.
Session logout If FileCloud session is logged out when user logs in to Office 365 for WOPI edit, FileCloud recommends setting cookie same-site value to lax. See Improving Cookie Security.
Shared with me Although multiple file download from a Shared with Me top-level folder was not permitted, a download button was shown. The download button no longer appears in this case.
Shares An error causing the User share export file to show password-protected shares as public has been fixed.
Shares A problem causing the user password to be used as a share password has been fixed.
Shares When a share link was pasted into WhatsApp or Teams, FileCloud appeared as the label when the label was set to a custom value; this has been fixed.
Shares An issue preventing the scroll function from working correctly in public folder shares has been fixed.
Shares The Disallow Share Name Change setting did not allow Admins to change share names. Now it only prevents non-Admin users from changing share names.
Shares An issue causing the Max Download Limit for shares to be triggered before the limit was reached has been fixed.
Shares After one share was deleted the list of shares appeared empty. This has been fixed.
Shares When an account was automatically created using the email for a user added to a share, and the email included a + sign, account creation failed. This has been fixed.
Shares For shares where download is not permitted, right-click menus are disabled and printing shows a blank page to restrict users from downloading and printing.
Solr A problem causing the count of indexed items to be higher than the actual number of items has been fixed.
Solr A problem causes a content search for a term with multiple words has been fixed.
Solr Solr search online was resulting in an error. This has been fixed.
SSO An error occurring on ADFS SSO signout has been fixed.
Thumbnail preview An issue causing thumbnail preview to fail on the Info details tab in the user portal has been fixed.
Translations An issue causing a phrase to appear in English when the selected language was German has been fixed.
Translations When French was selected as the language for the UI, some text appeared in English. This has been fixed.
Translations When a user logged in with the wrong username or password, the warning message was wrong in the German translation. It has been fixed.
UI The tip text for Disallow Default Share Settings Change has been changed to “Do not allow users to change settings of existing shares and default settings of new shares. ” for clarity.
UI The setting for high-contrast mode has been moved from the user drop-down menu to the Settings screen to make it easier to locate.
UI theme The selected default theme was not appearing until the user logged in. This has been fixed.
Upload, delete A problem causing upload and delete to fail for NTFS network folders has been fixed.
Username If the username is numeric, the activity tab shows the username as unknown.
User A problem causing the user report to be empty when no filter was applied has been fixed.
User update When display names contained special characters, user updates failed. This has been fixed.
Versioning When a file version was promoted, its create date was changed to the current date. This has been fixed.
Web edit A problem preventing web edit from working with recently accessed xlsx files has been fixed.
WebDAV A problem causing the login prompt to appear when WebDAV was disabled has been fixed.
WebDAV WebDAV was allowing files and folders to be created with trailing spaces. This has been fixed.
White label An issue causing the FileCloud title to appear in the browser for a few seconds before the custom title appears has been fixed.
Workflow Workflows using “verify file integrity and delete on mismatch” were deleting valid files; this has been fixed.
Workflow A problem preventing emails from being sent for the workflow “If last user login is older than….Then notify user….” has been fixed.
Workflow Workflows that copied a folder to a new location did not copy the files within the folder to the new location. This has been fixed.
Workflow The workflow “If a file is added or uploaded . . . Then notify user. . . ” was not sending a notification and was resulting in an error; this has been fixed.
Workflow File was not deleted in workflow for “If file is downloaded . . . delete the file.” This has been fixed.
Zip extraction An error occurring when trying to extract files from a downloaded zip file using 7zip has been fixed.
Bug Fixes: Drive & MacDrive
Conflict A problem causing Drive to fail to detect a conflict has been fixed.
Copying An error occurred when copying large files from Drive to local PC. This has been fixed.
Download A problem causing files over the download limit to be downloaded has been fixed.
Failure Drive failed on Windows after a new installation. This has been fixed.
Failure A problem causing Drive to crash has been fixed.
Lock A user was able to open an Office file that was already opened without receiving a warning that the file was locked. The warning was given when the user tried to save the file. This has been fixed.
Lock An issue causing autolocking to fail when Office files were opened has been fixed.
Metadata A problem which allowed Document Lifecycle Metadata to be edited in Drive has been fixed.
Recovered files If upload of a file fails and the file is placed in a recovered files folder, the Drive Dashboard now informs users and includes a link for opening the recovered files folder.
Rename If files were renamed by one user while another user had the file locked the rename appeared to work. Now an error message appears.
Download An issue causing FileCloud to hang when uploading a large file (3-5GB) or M1 on Big Sur 11.6 can be fixed by giving Full Disk Access to Drive. See
Mount point Finder was allowing selecting a file as a mountpoint rather than a folder; this has been fixed.
PDF A problem causing MacDrive to hang when a user opened a PDF file has been fixed.
Thumbnail preview A problem causing all files in a folder to be downloaded when one file was previewed in the Finder has been fixed. Now only the previewed file is downloaded.
Upload Files with names beginning or ending with a space can no longer be uploaded.
Bug Fixes: Sync
Dashboard A problem causing the Sync dashboard to appear blank after Sync runs for 24 hours has been fixed.
Deleting When deletion fails because a file may have already been deleted locally, the log now explains this to users.
Folder Path When the Sync folder path was changed, the selected path was not shown correctly. This has been fixed.
Network folders A problem causing Network Folders added to Sync to later be removed from Sync has been fixed.
Running A problem causing the Sync icon not to appear in the system tray and allowing Sync to run multiple instances has been fixed.
SSO Users were unable to log in to Sync using SSO. This has been fixed.
UI A problem causing the Sync is On/Off button to shift right and become inaccessible has been fixed.
Upload A problem causing Sync to fail to upload php files when the upload restriction was removed has been fixed. In addition, a problem causing Sync to block upload of filenames such as streamline sync.ico, test sync.ico has been fixed.
Bug Fixes: Drive and Sync
DocIQ French translation is now supported for DocIQ
Mac, Right-click options A problem preventing right-click options and overlays from appearing on the Mac has been fixed.
Bug Fixes: ServerLink
Failure A problem causing ServerLink to fail has been fixed.
Folder rename ServerLinks failed when a folder rename operation resulted in an error. This has been fixed.
Status When ServerLink failed and was restarted, file count and user count was not always accurate. This has been fixed.
Bug Fixes: ServerSync
NTFS ServerSync now informs users that by importing NTFS permissions they are overriding FileCloud permissions, and requires them to confirm the import.
Bug Fixes: Outlook Add-in
Email An error that was preventing Outlook from giving smart suggestions for share email addresses has been fixed.
Upload Dragging and dropping a file to upload it was not working. This has been fixed.
Variable $(USER) was not being treated as a variable in the setting for Account. This has been fixed.


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